Dark and wittily sombre, NOM*d has created an iconic image on the New Zealand fashion landscape. The label's designs, which reference traditional tailoring are anchored by a utilitarian approach and the concept that clothes must, above all else, be wearable.
In every collection, NOM*d maintains its credibility as a label unaffected by trends and whims, instead adopting the cool, considered gaze of the fashion outsider.

Since its inception in 1986, NOM*d has been among a small number of directional fashion labels which have been responsible for defining the style that is now referred to as 'The New Zealand Look'. As one of the ground-breaking New Zealand Four who showed at London Fashion Week in 1999, NOM*d firmly established the dark, intellectual qualities that are now synonymous with New Zealand design.
In part, the label owes its noir-ish aesthetic to Dunedin, a city situated in the remote, rugged surroundings of New Zealand's South Island where NOM*d's Creative Director Margarita and her husband Chris Robertson are still based today. A university town, with an international reputation for its alternative music scene, and a preternaturally gothic atmosphere, the culture of Dunedin permeates the mood of Robertson's clothes. Margarita was born of Greek/Ukrainian refugee background and a preoccupation with fashion has been with her since childhood.


Through the beautiful arched leadlight entranceway in George Street, Dunedin this two-storied white-walled store has housed collections of a uniquely curated blend of sustainable New Zealand made and international clothing labels since 1978. Independently owned by Margarita and Chris Robertson, it is their instinct and vision which has enabled PLUME to remain in business for decades – a long time in fashion terms.

In 1992, the Robertson’s opened a second PLUME store. The Christchurch location in the post-earthquake CBD is a beautifully designed space and the engaged, passionate staff welcome discerning shoppers looking for clever, stylish and agenda-setting clothing.

Margarita Robertson’s impeccable edit of high profile designers sits alongside their own internationally acclaimed brand NOM*d. For upscale, truly interesting clothing PLUME has the edge.

See our stockists page for PLUME store location details.


Japanese label COMME des GARÇONS, French for "Like the Boys" is designed by the inimitable Rei Kawakubo.
PLUME stocks the COMME des GARÇONS CDG collection; a careful rendering of uniform-like pieces attentive to quality, fabrication and consistency in aesthetic.
Accompanying CDG is an extensive offering of sought after COMME des GARÇONS PARFUM fragrances, COMME des GARÇONS PLAY basics and COMME des GARÇONS WALLET leathergoods and accessories.   


Often touted as the 'godfather of brutal chic', Paris based Rick Owens offers a darkly glamorous take on gothic grunge.
Inspired by his wife and muse Michele Lamy, Owens gives a new meaning to the idea of functionality through monumental minimalism embodied into unique pieces which show the glorious decay of time passing.


Hand made in Paris, this sterling silver jewellery collection features lines from the most romantic poets and philosophers, the texts conveying the sensitivity and emotions that Serge wanted to share with those that would wear his jewellery.
Now directed by Serge's wife Genevieve and son Rock, the workshop remains ever faithful to the poetic sensitivity of its late founder while also developing its own new identity.


Darkly enchanting, rebellious, and often bizarre - Undercover exemplifies the "essence of Japanese cool". Since founded by Jun Takahashi in 1993 the brand has amassed a global, cult-like following for its deconstructed yet sophisticated streetwear style.
Takahashi's influence on the 21st century wardrobe is perpetually undeniable.


A captivating and enigmatic presence in the fashion industry since her debut in the mid-80s, the Belgian designer Marina Yee, part of the revered Antwerp Six group, today focuses on sustainability with a minimalist collection consisting of layered outfits that give new depth to casual silhouettes. Marina Yee rejects conventions and prefers to play by her own rules. 



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